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Where the mind is biggest the heart, the

Our Team

Dr Hepal Patel DDS
Dr Liana Penafiel DDS
Nubia Aponte  RDH

Our History

We believe that every person on this planet should have a right to be able to take personal care of themselves and their bodies. One should be able to feel confident in one's own body, which in turn can help radiate more positive energy, promote good health and foster wellness. We realize that not everyone has access to the proper tools and resources to maintain their own personal care and maintenance. Dental hygiene is such an important aspect of one’s life that people tend to overlook. Poor oral hygiene can result in bad breath, decay of  teeth, yellow stains, and when not treated properly can lead to periodontal disease, gingivitis, etc. Because of these reasons, oral hygiene services should be attainable for children and young adults in need. As an example, expensive and more complex dental services won’t always be covered fully by insurance, and some families are required to pay a portion of the costs throughout the procedure. This applies to some services like orthodontics, scaling or root planning, and other more advanced dental procedures.  

We want to help young adults feel confident and embrace their smiles.  That is why we have created the Personal Care & Wellness Program; made for those individuals who can’t afford to perform these services for themselves, and therefore promote exceptional health & wellness amongst communities. 

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The Ap0nte Charity Foundation came to fruition in early 2022. One of our driving forces in creating this foundation is to promote oral health, support our local community by offering affordable treatments, and foster higher education for as many aspiring students as we can. Nubia Aponte, ACF Founder, has many years of experience leading charities and foundations as her family created the ROMHER Foundation based in Colombia. The ACF's core belief is that dental care is crucial for good health and a great quality of life. Education is the key to not only start your career, but to give a foundation for people to succeed in life. We want to encourage and support the member of communities to pursue bachelors degrees, associates degrees, and technical or specialized trades. Getting a college or technical education requires determination, patience, drive, and the passion for your career goals . We believe it’s essential to help students whose families may not be able to fund an expensive college degree, and assist them in funding some of their educational expenses. This is where we can lend a helping hand.

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